Mandy Moore kept her wedding private because she and her husband wanted to ''keep the day for us''.

The 34-year-old actress tied the knot with Dawes musician Taylor Goldsmith in November, and has said the pair kept news of their marriage ''on the down low'' because they didn't want anything to distract them from their big day.

She said: ''We kept it on the DL. People are so kind, obviously, when you get engaged. Everyone wants to know how the wedding planning is going and when it's happening. We were pretty tight-lipped about it.

''We got married at our house, just with family and a few friends, so we wanted to kind of keep the day for us.''

The pair's marriage came a year after Taylor proposed to the 'This Is Us' star back in September 2017, although they had been dating since 2015.

And Mandy also spoke about the first time they met, which came after Mandy shared her excitement about a new Dawes album on Instagram.

Speaking on the 'Today' show, Mandy said: ''Somehow he found this little message that I left and sent a message through his folks to my folks, and we sort of started corresponding through email. Then we went on a first date.

''It was the most epic, three-hour first date. We just didn't stop talking and then he left the next day to go on tour for six weeks, so we basically got to know each other and sort of fall in love on the phone and online.''

Mandy - who was previously married to Ryan Adams from 2009 until 2016 - and Taylor tied the knot last year in an ''intimate'' ceremony in Los Angeles.
A source said at the time: ''[The ceremony was] an intimate backyard wedding at Mandy's home that started just after sundown on Sunday evening.

''There was a small group of family and friends that looked to be about 50 people.''