Mandy Moore is excited to start the ''next chapter'' in her life.

The 33-year-old actress is busy renovating her house to create the home of her dreams, and has said she is ''incredibly humbled and grateful'' that her job has allowed her to afford the extensive work.

She said: ''I feel incredibly humbled and grateful by this next chapter of my life. I feel like, at 33, I've kinda earned it! I'm ready, I'm trying to own it, you know?''

And the 'This Is Us' actress isn't just working on the house for herself either, as she admits her musician boyfriend Taylor Goldsmith will be living with her ''for sure''.

She added to 'Entertainment Tonight': ''Oh yeah, my guy and I, we live together for sure.''

Despite believing she's ''earned'' her renovations now she's a fully fledged adult in her 30s, Mandy previously revealed she feels more like she's 60, and is embracing getting older.

The '47 Meters Down' actress said last year: ''I feel like I'm a 62-year-old in a 32-year-old's body. Oh god, I was just a clueless suburban mall teenager from Orlando [when I was 15]. You couldn't pay me to go back.

''I'm totally ready [to age]. I can't wait until the day when watching '60 Minutes' is perfectly acceptable for my age. The ageing process: I say bring it on.''

The brunette beauty also insisted she doesn't feel pressured to have a ''traditional'' family as she believes her own familial unit is anything but traditional.

She added: ''My family is the least traditional. I've never really talked about this but my parents are divorced. My mother left my father for a woman. And both of my two brothers are gay.

''My parents loved each other; they did an incredible job raising all of us. [I thought I could create my] own kind of normalcy [by getting married] but then I learned that that wasn't going to be the fruitful experience I wanted it to be.

''[Now my family is] exactly where they should be. Everyone's so much happier, richer, and more fulfilled, being their authentic selves.''