Mandy Moore's Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards dress was inspired by a gown she wore in 2014.

The 'This Is Us' star walked the red carpet on Sunday (21.01.18) in a royal blue sequin custom slip gown by Ralph Lauren and stylist Erica Cloud had sought out one of her ''all-time favourite'' creations, the striped linen dress Mandy wore to the premiere of her 2004 movie 'Saved!' and had it modernised for the occasion.

Erica explained to E! News: ''One of my all-time favourite dresses is the Ralph Lauren that she wore to the 'Saved!' premiere.

''It was just this beautiful slip dress and I remember thinking, 'Wow, that's a perfect dress,' I cut it out of InStyle magazine and saved the clipping.

''They sent us her original dress and we made slight alterations to how we wanted them to make it, but we basically remade that dress in custom fabric.''

And the stylist felt the gown was a good symbol of the ''rebirth'' the 33-year-old actress has enjoyed in recent years following a stint out of the spotlight.

She told People: ''I think it's very symbolic of her rebirth.

''It was such a cool look then, we thought, 'Why not revisit it now?' It's a beautiful, elegant silhouette.

''For her, I think it shows she's still herself, but just an updated version. Also, the colour of it is like the ocean, so it's like a rebirth from the sea, so to speak.''

While Mandy and her stylist were delighted with her look, Erica was on hand up until the very last minute in case there were any mishaps.

She said: ''I've had a time where someone's gone out the door and a seam split and they walked back in the door and I had to take it off and sew it myself and then send them on their way, so you just kind of have to be prepared for anything.''