Mandy Moore wishes she had ''discovered'' spray tans a lot earlier in her life because they stop her from being a ''Pale Patty''

The 'This Is Us' actress grew up in Florida and was always out playing in the sun without protection, something she now knows was very bad for her skin.

Mandy, 33, now makes sure she applies sunscreen whenever she is out in the sunshine but she accepts her complexion doesn't exactly glow due to her lifestyle choice which is why she relies on fake bronzer to give her skin some colour.

Speaking to PEOPLE, she said: ''I feel like I got [the sun] memo early enough and hopefully - knock on wood - avoided real long lasting damage because I've been a Pale Patty for quite a number of years. I was a Florida kid so I was so used to being outside and going to the beach, I didn't even think about it; it was such a part of our lives. Not even like going out to lay and bask in the sun. I do miss it sometimes. I miss the vitamin D aspect of it.''

''That's one thing I wish I discovered earlier though - a good spray tan. It would save me a lot of heartache about my pasty legs!''

Mandy - who recently got engaged to Indie rocker Taylor Goldsmith - is open to trying out new things to improve her health and natural remedies for any ailments she might have.

And the stunning star's openness to trying different things helped her make a reasonably speedy recovery after she gave herself a black eye and a cut when she accidentally walked into the door handle on her shower two weeks ago.

Mandy - who also voices Rapunzel in 'Tangled: The Series' on the Disney Channel - relied on light therapy and supplements made from the arnica flower herb to get her eye to heal ahead of The Emmys last weekend.

She said: ''My eye is almost healed. I only had those stitches in for six days because I had to go right back to work, so they took them out for when I started shooting again. It's very delicate and I can't really put any makeup on it right now. But it's healing.

''I've been mainlining arnica and I've been laying under LED lights because it promotes healing. Just trying to be really careful and do any sort of ridiculous folk remedy especially at the beginning that I could do to help it heal.''