Mandy Moore used to be uncomfortable in her own skin.

The 'A Walk To Remember' star spoke about how grateful she is to have had parents who reminded her she was beautiful as an adolescent.

She said: ''Growing up I'm 5'10 and I sort of went through that awkward stage as a kid and was incredibly uncomfortable in my skin and felt very awkward about my height.

''My mum who is 5'2 would always impress upon me how I should stand tall with my shoulders back and be proud of my height. It was something she really envied but I guess it was a reminder of the grass is always greener. I felt very lucky to have that kind of role model in my life at an early age.''

The face of Dove's new self-esteem campaign continued to explain why she is excited about representing normal women.

She added: ''I've always been a fan of Dove's campaign around real women and the fact that they are very committed to inspiring women to reach their full potential.

''What I love about having this opportunity and being able to use my voice behind movement such as this is the idea that there are so many real women out there who deserve to be famous. Through this campaign we're beginning to highlight a different definition of what being a role model can be.''