Prim-and-proper singer Mandy Moore insisted on having a bottom double in her new movie Chasing Liberty because she didn't want fans to see her naked on the big screen.

The 19-year-old pop star-turned-actress froze when she realised there was a nude scene in the film, in which she plays the American President's daughter - so made sure she wouldn't be required to bare all before signing up.

She says, "My character strips and jumps into the River Vlatva in Prague - my character is trying to be free and independent - so you do see what appears to be my backside but in fact it was a butt double.

"I had to choose. I had a Manilla envelope full of girls in bikinis facing the wall in high heels like it was a Miss America pageant or something. I upgraded, I got a better model!"

28/11/2003 19:35