Mandy Moore could get married ''at a moment's notice''.

The 'This Is Us' star has a ''general ballpark idea'' when she will tie the knot with Taylor Goldsmith but says it could happen any second now.

She told E! News: ''I think we have a general ballpark idea of when we want it to happen, but I think because it's not going to be some lavish affair, its maybe something that isn't going to require as much planning or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I picked a funny profession for someone who doesn't like all the attention focused on them so I've already done my girls weekend. It was sort of a birthday/bachelorette girls weekend all rolled into one and that was fabulous and fantastic so now I sort of feel like it could happen at a moment's notice. Maybe I won't even tell people and they'll just show up at the house and it will just unfold.''

The pair have been together for two years after meeting on Instagram and Mandy says her advice to anyone looking for love on the internet is to not be ''afraid''.

She shared: ''I mean, I guess don't be afraid to put yourself out there? Because that's kind of what I did. I didn't know the rules of social media. I didn't tag him, you know, as you do in a photograph now. I didn't do any of those things and lo and behold, like, he happened to find what I said about him and his band and that's what led us to meeting one other.''