Pop star Mandy Moore faced two of her greatest fears in new movie BECAUSE I SAID SO - she had to strip to her underwear and look good in the kitchen. The SAVED star credits co-stars like Lauren Graham and Diane Keaton for helping her overcome her first lingerie film scenes, and a last-minute cookery class to help her come to terms with life in the kitchen. She explains, "There were a few of us who were a little bit nervous about being in our underwear on the big screen and having it all sort of out there. "I kept going back and forth between, 'Do I want to use a body double? Was I just gonna go for it?' "Finally, in the end, one for all, we went in together. If Lauren and Diane were all for doing it then I was gonna do it. "As for the kitchen scenes, it was a challenge for me to try to come across like I knew my way around the kitchen and I had skills. "I'm terrible with food. I can make eggs. I can't make a grilled cheese sandwich; I always end up burning it or the cheese isn't melted enough, so I had a lot of work to do to make it look accurate."