Pop star Mandy Moore is getting rave reviews for her new covers album COVERAGE, because she hand-picked picked cutting edge tributes.

The singer's upcoming collection, which includes remakes of XTC's SENSES WORKING OVERTIME and THE WATERBOYS' THE WHOLE OF THE MOON, is being hailed as "the best collection of other people's songs since David Bowie's PINUPS" in America's rock press.

And Moore is taking full credit for the project, which she did behind her label's back.

She says, "I presented the album to them, like, 'Ta-da!' because I knew if a bunch of hands were in the pie, I'd end up covering Olivia Newton-John."

Moore insists the new album is payback to all the fans who bought her debut, which she recorded when she was 14.

She adds, "I was like, 'Hey, I'm 14. I'll do anything. I should give a refund to anyone who bought my first album."

09/10/2003 03:22