British soccer clubs Manchester United and NEWCASTLE UNITED are vying against each other for a different prize - a film role.

The hugely successful teams are auditioning to star in GOAL!, the first film in a trilogy about a young Latino player who travels from Los Angeles to Europe in search of soccer stardom.

MIKE JEFFRIES, a Los Angeles-based Brit who will co-produce the flick, is visiting Newcastle and Manchester in the next few days to choose which club the fictional player will sign for.

He says, "Both have fantastic stadia, training facilities, squads, and local culture. It's just a question of which club is more enthusiastic about giving us the access we need."

He is also in talks with Spanish giants Real Madrid and BARCELONA for the second movie, when the player will move to a club in Spain. The final film will take the story's hero to the WORLD CUP.

07/08/2003 02:23