The musicians and activists were initially presented with the idea by designers at a Mexican clothing factory owned by frontman Fher Olvera's cousin, and after an initial hesitation, they decided to move forward with the proposal.

Their new line, titled Ritos del Sol, features T-shirts and jeans for men and women, and a portion of profits will be donated to the group's Selva Negra Foundation - an environmental charity aimed at raising awareness and funds to save endangered species and aid poor communities around the globe.

Drummer Alex Gonzalez tells The Associated Press, "More than a business for the band, we wanted for it to be a positive idea and proposal so that when people would buy the clothes, they would know that they are doing something beneficial for the environment. So Fher came up with this idea of supporting the sea turtles that we have in Mexico."

Explaining how the production of the range is eco-friendly, Fher says, "The clothing that he (his cousin) makes uses 25 per cent of the water that the factories normally use in Mexico. They are also good to their employees, it's fair trade, and they work in indigenous communities not only in Puebla but in Oaxaca."

And the bandmates are sure fans will approve of the products.

Gonzalez adds, "At the end of the day, it had to be clothing that we wanted to use, both on and off stage."