The Mexican rocker and his bandmates are known for their political activism, and they are taking a stand against the Republican Party hopeful, who has courted controversy over his remarks about Mexican immigrants, calling them "rapists" who bring "crime and drugs" into the country.

In a new interview with Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos on his news show Al Punto, Olvera continued to speak out against the candidate, calling him an "inherent racist".

"It would be catastrophic if someone like Donald Trump takes the White House." he told Ramos. "Someone with such a violent heart. Violence generates violence, so imagine all the problems he'd get us and the planet into. A violent leader would only cause violence and war."

But Olvera believes his fellow Latinos will go to the polls in November (16) and vote for a president who respects their community.

"Latinos aren't stupid," Olvera said. "I've talked to a lot of Latinos when I'm touring in the United States and they think Trump is a joke. Latinos will not put at risk their lives or jobs. Latinos know how much their vote counts. We need to create our destiny and not let anyone else do it for us. You can't just complain about Trump being a racist, you actually have to get registered and vote."

And to help unregistered Latinos in the U.S. sign up to vote, the band is embarking on the Latino Power Tour in September (16) to rally citizens to vote for the next president.

As it stands, it looks like Trump will face off against either Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton for America's top job.