Cult Belgian film-maker REMY BELVAUX, famed for his hit 1992 release Man Bites Dog, died on Monday (04SEP06). He was 38. Belvaux passed away in Orry-la-Ville, north of Paris, France. The cause of death is as yet unknown. The director appeared in and co-produced Man Bites Dog - his only film - with ANDRE BONZEL and BENOIT POELVOORDE, which debuted at the Cannes Film Festival in 1992 before winning a bevy of awards. Belvaux abandoned feature films despite his success, turning his focus to directing commercials instead. His family say in a statement: "He leaves us one masterpiece and tons of regrets." Belvaux was the brother of Lucas Belvaux, whose THE RIGHT OF THE WEAKEST was screened at Cannes this year (06).