The Watchmen star was born in Stockholm, Sweden, but her family relocated to Canada when she was two, and Malin now has joint citizenship for both countries.

Her boy, three-year-old Sebastian, has recently started expressing an interest in learning about the Scandinavian side of the family, so Malin has been trying to teach him a few words in Swedish.

However, the 38-year-old confesses the daily lessons can sometimes be tough for her as she tends to always express herself in English.

"I'm trying to continue the Swedish (in our family with son Sebastian)," she explained to U.S. breakfast show Today. "It's difficult because I've lived in Canada since I was two, so my preferred language is now English, but he's shown a massive interest in Swedish, so we have now started talking every day, just a little bit every day (in Swedish)."

Little Sebastian is Malin's only child with her ex-husband, Italian musician Roberto Zincone, who she divorced in 2013 after six years of marriage.