Expectant actress Malin Akerman is convinced pregnancy feels like a hangover because she is craving all kinds of greasy, fried food.

The Watchmen star recently confirmed she is expecting her first child with her rocker husband Roberto Zincone and she has now opened up about her cravings, admitting she feels like bingeing on junk like she would after a heavy night out.

She tells E! Online, "It's kind of like when you are hungover... but it's that kind of feeling where you want to eat everything greasy... so the diet is great, I love it!"

She adds to Celebuzz.com, "It feels a little bit like that gut rot you get the next day where you're just craving everything that will just soak (the alcohol) up. But I don't think the hamburgers will soak up my baby... (I have been craving) French fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, macaroni and cheese - all the things that taste really good."