Khloé Kardashian wanted French Montana to hire lookalikes of her sisters to model in his music video.

The reality TV star reportedly ''insisted'' only two other women star alongside her in the rapper's new 'Don't Panic' clip, but they had to resemble one of her siblings Kim or Kourtney and her best friend Malika Haqq.

A source, who was on the video set in New Jersey in July, told the MailOnline: ''A bunch of video models showed up to be in the video, but Khloé wasn't having it. She kept insisting to the director that one girl resemble her sister Kim or Kourtney, and one must resemble her best friend, Malika. She got nearly perfect matches of [the] girls. This girl looked exactly like Malika and the other looked exactly like Kim.''

However, the 30-year-old beauty - who filed for divorce from her ex-husband Lamar Odom last year following rumours he cheated on her - also ran checks on the models before allowing them on set with her boyfriend.

The source explained: ''Khloé made sure her management co-ordinated with the director and production team to make sure the girls playing her best friends in the video had good reputations.''

Meanwhile, Khloé's appearance in the music video doesn't come until the very end when she takes off her clown mask after pretending to terrorise a group of pals.

Speaking of the brunette beauty's appearance, French, 29, said previously: ''It's the first video she ever did and it got a little spike.''

The couple have been dating since April and it is believed French is planning to propose to her in the near future.