SEX PISTOLS svengali Malcolm McLaren insists his rebellious grandmother was the original inspiration for punk - encouraging him to be bad from the age of five. The flame-haired 60-year-old recalls the mad, bad matriarch explaining how he had to "work at" being a villain if he wanted to get anywhere. And MCLaren, who has been described "evil" by his former protege John Lydon, claims his gran taught him everything he knows. He says, "My grandmother really loved chaos and discomfort. "She used to say, 'You know, Malcolm, it's very difficult to be bad. You've got to work at it.' "But then again, who wants to be good? That's a phrase that haunted me from the age of 5 or 6 onwards. "And she's right, who wants to be good? (British Prime Minister) Tony Blair's good, and he's horrible."