Rock manager Malcolm McLaren has leaped to the defence of troubled British rocker Pete Doherty, describing the drug addict as a cross between late SEX PISTOL Sid Vicious and Morrissey.

McLaren, who contributed to the careers of the Pistols, THE New York Dolls, Adam Ant and Bow Wow Wow, believes Doherty doesn't deserve the bad press he receives due to his frequent arrests for drug-related transgression and stormy relationship with ex-lover Kate Moss.

He says, "(Pete is) fabulous. He's like a combination of Sid Vicious and Morrissey. He's William Blake, he's Thomas De Quincy, even if he only in part knows it.

"I can understand why Kate would fall for him. He needs people around him with sufficient intellect that can enthuse him and help him climb over the rocks that stand in his way due to his personality disorder and problems with drugs.

"Not sure Kate is the one to do that."