Malcolm McLaren's longtime girlfriend has opened up about her bitter legal battle with the star's son over his estate, insisting the late Sex Pistols manager wrote him out of the will deliberately.

The music mogul died in Switzerland in 2010 after losing a battle with cancer, and he left his entire estate to Young Kim, his partner of 12 years.

MCLaren's son, Joseph Corre, challenged the decision in court, but his bid to overturn the will was rejected last year (12) and Kim was awarded the sum of the star's estate, which was valued at around $263,113 (£169,750).

Kim has now revealed MCLaren endured an "unhappy" relationship with his son, who founded successful lingerie brand Agent Provocateur, and didn't want Corre entrusted with his legacy.

She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "Malcolm wanted to make sure his legacy was protected... It was not Malcolm being a schmuck, but he didn't trust Joe's taste. I knew, no matter what, it would be hurtful so I didn't want to discuss it until after the funeral, but Joe drove everybody crazy asking about it... (After I told him, he said) 'I'm going to look at that will and if there's anything funny (about it) you'll be hearing from me'... Malcolm did love him as a son, he couldn't help it... Although I can't say he liked him as a person... It was such a violent, unhappy relationship... They hadn't seen each other for years. He also understood that I loved him and really cared about him... That's when he began caring about his legacy."

Kim also reveals she didn't think MCLaren would have been happy with his punk-style London funeral, or the extravagant headstone, complete with a bronze death mask, which has been erected in his memory at the city's Highgate Cemetery, adding, "I imagined him saying (about the funeral) 'This is awful'... (The headstone) looks like it's come out of the Rocky Horror Picture Show... I had nothing to do with that hideous headstone."

Kim is now hoping to set up a charity in MCLaren's name, as well as a fashion brand and create a book about his iconic punk fashion store, Sex, which he ran in London in the 1970s with his former partner, Dame Vivienne Westwood, Corre's mother.