A CLOCKWORK ORANGE star Malcolm McDowell is still appalled by the completed version of his controversial 1979 movie CALIGULA - because he didn't expect it to become an epic porn film.

The British movie star appeared onscreen alongside Helen Mirren, PETER O'TOOLE and SIR John Gielgud in what he hoped would be a film based on an excellent script by Gore Vidal.

But Vidal insisted his name was removed from the credits when Penthouse boss and producer Bob Guccione put the film out two years after it was shot.

McDowell recalls, "He shot all this hardcore footage two years after the film had been completed and then spliced it in. I mean, it was absurd, because the footage didn't even match much of the time.

"There would be a shot of me smiling, looking at what was supposed to be my horse or something, and then suddenly they'd cut to two lesbians making out. It was just awful.

"On the positive side, I got to work with Peter O'Toole, John Gielgud and Helen Mirren, but, needless to say, we were all pretty appalled by the final product."

03/02/2004 17:28