Malcolm McDowell's turn as scientist/author HG WELLS in TIME AFTER TIME has helped the film top a new time-travelling movie poll. The 1979 movie, which also featured David Warner as murderer JACK THE RIPPER beat STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME and the Back To The Future trilogy to claim the number one spot in a new Yahoo online poll. Collated to coincide with the release of Denzel Washington's new time-leaping thriller DEJA VU, the top 10 also features Rod Taylor's The Time Machine and BILL + TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE. The full list is: 1. TIME AFTER TIME 2. STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME 3. BACK TO THE FUTURE trilogy 4. THE TIME MACHINE 5. 12 Monkeys 6. Planet Of The Apes 7. Army of Darkness 8. THE FINAL COUNTDOWN 9. BILL + TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE 10. SOMEWHERE IN TIME.