Malcolm In The Middle star BRYAN CRANSTON was hunted by murder cops in the 1970s, after he and his brother were suspected of the slaying of a co-worker. The actor and his sibling were working in a Florida restaurant when the chef they hated was found dead in the trunk of car - just weeks after they had both discussed with friends how they would like him to meet a grisly end. Cranston, currently starring in U.S. drama series Breaking Bad, says, "My brother and I, back in the '70s, we were riding our motorcycles across the country for a couple of years. "We ran out of money in Florida, so we had to get jobs for a couple of weeks in a Polynesian restaurant. The cook there was a guy named Peter Wong. "He was a miserable human being. He didn't like anybody. He was horrible and all the waiters and bus boys used to sit around and talk about how we'd kill him. "My brother said he'd put him in the meat grinder and then put him in his own wontons. I'd dice him up. "He disappeared one evening, right at the end of the season, and my brother and I had left. It turned out he was bludgeoned to death and put in the trunk of a car. "They were looking for anyone who wanted to kill him or talked about wanting to kill him. We were actually wanted for murder for a while. It was kind of exciting."