Maksim Chmerkovskiy is known for his passion on the dance floor as a Latin dance specialist, but the Ukrainian was really wearing his heart on his sleeve on Monday (24th October 2011) as he crossed swords with Dancing With The Stars judge Len Goodman - following his performance with soccer star Hope Solo.
Performing a rumba, Chmerkovskiy - who has only missed one series of the programme since the second run - and Solo were admonished by British judge Goodman who at first defended the star, saying "Hope, I've never lost faith in you, I always feel like there is so much there," before changing tact and stating "for some reason it hasn't come out ... This is your worst dance of the season in my opinion." reports that this angered the professional dancer who complained at the inconsistent feedback being given by the judges - when Goodman said he'd been in the business 50 years, the Ukrainian responded by saying "maybe it's time to get out." There wasn't too much inconsistency in the pair's scores however, and they finished with a poor 20 out of 30.
Speaking after the show, the 31 year-old Chmerkovskiy was still riled up, telling the same site, "I've had it. I've had it a long time ago. I just kind of kept it cool but, look, she doesn't deserve it. That's all it is," though he did quip, "Look, whatever helps the ratings. You're welcome show!" Despite the poor scoring, Maksim and Hope are likely to dodge elimination on Tuesday's show.