Former BONEY M star Maizie Williams is suing the band's founder and former BMG record label mogul Frank Farian for withholding millions of pounds in royalties. Williams, 54, now performs under her Boney M persona on the cabaret circuit throughout the UK, but is barely making ends meet financially. And although a new musical based on the disco outfit entitled DADDY COOL is set to hit London's West End stage in August (06), she claims the original band won't benefit from it. Williams insists Farian exploited the RA-RA-RASPUTIN stars during the 1970s, creaming off millions and ultimately leaving them destitute. She says, "For 18 years I have been writing and telephoning Frank to ask for my royalties. Frank is still using my picture to promote CDs, videos and DVDs. "Part of Frank's defence is that I did not sing on the albums, and that is true. "But I did sing in the live performances, and in any case the singing was never really the deal - Boney M was all about the performance and the image." But Farian has hit back, insisting Williams is out of line. He says in a statement: "Maizie Williams does not have the right to perform under the name of Boney M. There is a Hamburg court ruling saying she will be forced to pay a GBP170,000 penalty if she keeps performing as Boney M. "As long as she is acting against the court ruling she won't be receiving her royalty payments."