Maisie Williams knows how 'Game of Thrones' ends.

The 20-year-old actress has played Arya Stark in the hit HBO show from season one and is currently in the process of filming the eighth and final season, which is set to air in 2019.

While promoting her latest film, 'Early Man', Maisie joined Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1's Breakfast Show on Wednesday (24.01.18) where she was attached to a heart rate monitor and asked a series of questions to test her on what raises her heart rate.

After asking about various crushes, her current boyfriend Ollie Jackson and seeing her flatmate Bill Milner in her bed teasing potential stories he could tell about her, Nick was joined by her 'Early Man' co-star Eddie Redmayne.

Eddie made it his mission to try and find out any spoilers about the highly anticipated final season and when asked by Nick if she knows the ending to 'Game of Thrones', she replied: ''Oh yeah.''

Then Eddie asked her whether her character ''ends up bossing it as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms''.

But much to the dismay may of Eddie and Nick, Maisie's heartrate went down from 98 to 86 beats per minute (BPM), implying she wasn't feeling nervous that they'd rumbled the ending.

But Nick concluded that she was ''trying to control it'', using deep breaths to lower her heart rate and when he suggested that was what she was doing, her heart rate increased and Eddie said that she had a ''little bit of sweat'' going on.

He then asked whether the White Walkers ''kill everyone and have a big old party'', to which her heart rate once again increased up to 112 BPM.

Eddie's last question was whether her character and Hot Pie - the fan favourite orphan and baker played by Ben Hawkey - ''get it on, have kids, it all works out?'' and her heartrate remained at a steady 103 BPM.

The final season is scheduled to air sometime in 2019, marking the first time in the show's history that there is a year break between seasons.