A notorious Indian murder and kidnap suspect has called for a film, thought to based on his life, to be banned until his trial is over. ABU SALEM, who is also held in connection with the 1993 blasts in Mumbai that killed 250 people, fears GANGSTER could prejudice his impending court case and has filed a petition in court to block its release. His lawyer ASHOK SAROGI says, "If something is dramatised and shown on silver screen then the masses do get affected. "Investigation in my client's case is still going on and if a movie is released then it could influence the witnesses who are to be questioned. "My client will be tried and sentenced by the masses and the media long before the court does." However film-makers insist the movie is entirely fictional. Producer Mahesh Bhatt argues, "The character of the gangster is not even remotely connected with Salem or any of his biographic details that are known to me or throughout the world. "I think the man is right to be looked upon as innocent until pronounced guilty and with this belief cannot make a film that calls him a gangster. And I have not done that, this film is not about Salem." A Mumbai court will hear the petition tomorrow (15APR06).