Maggie Q stars in the new action-drama 'Nikita', which premieres tonight on The CW (9th September 2010). The 31-year-old actress plays a female assassin, echoing the themes of the 1990 hit film 'La Femme Nikita' and the 1993 American remake 'Point of No Return'.
Maggie Q - a martial arts star - portrays a troubled street kid who's blackmailed into a life of crime after being rescued from certain death by an ultra-secret government intelligence agency. However, she begins to fight back in an attempt to free the other slave-assassins working for the company. The new series also stars LYNDSAY FONSECA of 'Desperate Housewives' fame, Melinda Clarke of 'The OC', and TIFFANY HINES.
The Hawaiian born actress is also a former model, and initially gained fame as an actress in Hong Kong when Jackie Chan noticed her talents and began to train her in martial arts. However, Hollywood came calling in 2006, and the actress landed a starring role alongside Tom Cruise in 'Mission Impossible 3', and then appeared in the Bruce Willis movie 'Live Free or Die Hard' - the fourth film in the 'Die Hard' series. Further credits include roles in 'Balls of Fury' and 'New York I Love You'. She is also set to appear in the vampire movie 'Priest', which stars Paul Bettany, and is due for release in 2011.