Maggie Gyllenhaal credits her breakthrough role in raunchy drama SECRETARY with making her grow up and broaden her sexual awareness.

Gyllenhaal claims starring in the dark love story opposite James Spader tarnished her naive preconceptions of romance, and it made her realise the relationship she was in at the time lacked the electricity of the one shown in the sexy movie.

The actress was so eager to explore new avenues of sex and romance, she even split from her boyfriend and forced him out of her apartment when shooting wrapped on the sleeper hit.

The Mona Lisa Smile actress explains, "I loved him and he treated me well. But the movie made me think that we were involved in a very young way, fantasising about what it was like to be in love and trying to live up to it.

"After Secretary, I said, 'I'm not interested in this any more. I'm more interested in exploring what moves me.'

"The film made me grow up."

24/03/2004 21:23