Maggie Gyllenhaal is stunned by the shock of journalists who have caught early screenings of her new movie about the invention of the vibrator.
The Batman Begins star thought R-rated period comedy Hysteria would be a hoot for critics, but it seems many of them have been left surprised by the film's risque scenes of uptight women experiencing orgasm.
She tells, "I liked the comedy of ladies having loud orgasms in doctor's offices. I watched this movie once in Rome, just sort of popped my head in, and I've talked to a lot of international press in Italy and Scandinavia, all over and I have been surprised by how shocking the movie is to them with the orgasm stuff and women coming and thinking about their bodies that way.
"It came out of not being used to seeing stuff like that. Even I felt that way and the first movie (Secretary) I ever made was an S&M (sadomasochism) movie! I do not think of myself as prudish at all. I'm interested in sex, I'm curious about it and I think of myself as pretty open. But I was surprised by my own response and the audience's response by how uncomfortable it still makes us.
"I had some interesting conversations with women in Italy. My favourite one was with this woman who asked me, 'Which one had done more for women and women's rights movement, the vibrator or the dishwasher?' I think I have to go with the dishwasher!"