Maggie Gyllenhaal's stubborn admission

Maggie Gyllenhaal finds it difficult to ''accept'' not being good at everything.

Although the 'White House Down' star is a naturally gifted actress, she admits she often gets frustrated when she's unable to master other crafts with the same ease and is still ''learning'' how to control her irritation.

She explained: ''Acting was something I was good at. It's hard for me not to be good at something, although there are many things I'm not good at. I'm just learning at 35 how to accept not being good at something, [and] then learn about it - that's how you start to get better.

''When I was younger, I thought, 'If I'm not good at this, forget it, I'm not doing it anymore.' I'm not proud of that at all, but it's just how I was. And I think because acting was something that came naturally to me, I just grabbed onto it.''

The 35-year-old beauty - whose dad is a film director and mother is a screenwriter - grew up in the film industry along with her brother, Hollywood hunk Jake Gyllenhaal, and also wed a fellow actor, Peter Sarsgaard, in 2009.

And although she does consult her film-obsessed family about prospective movie roles, bull-headed Maggie says she ultimately trusts her gut when it comes to accepting parts even if her loved ones don't agree.

Maggie - who has two daughters, Ramona, six, and 14-month-old Gloria - told Gotham magazine: ''Peter and I seem to have similar taste in movies. Jake, we're very close, but our taste is different and I think our style is different. If I'm really drawn to something and other people don't see it the same way, I do trust myself. I just say, 'I want to try it.' ''


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