Maggie Gyllenhaal says Hollywood ''gets me down''.

Despite the actress' family all being involved in the movie industry - including brother Jake Gyllenhaal - she admits she's not hardened to the cutthroat nature of Hollywood and still has moments of doubt about her career.

She Total Film magazine: ''I think I'm a lot less tough than I kinda act like I am. I do find the business tough but exciting, and I do enjoy my job. It gets me down but it also really, really takes me up. I like the ride of going through a project, but all the stuff around it can sometimes be really exciting, and sometimes not.''

As well as hunky brother Jake, the 'White House Down' star's father is a director, while her mother is a screenwriter.

The 35-year-old star is also married to a fellow actor, 'An Education' star Peter Sarsgaard - with whom she has two daughters, Ramona, six, and 14-month-old Gloria - and she reveals that her eldest daughter is often confused by her parents' movie careers.

She said: ''Ramona's six and a half and Rachel Weisz's son was in her kindergarten class last year. She saw a picture of the witch in 'Oz the Great and Powerful', which is Rachel, and she was like, 'I'm scared by that witch!'

''I was just, 'No, the witch is Henry's mum. And your daddy is always the scary guy in movies and if a kid saw it, they'd just be like, 'That's Ramona's daddy!'''