Maggie Gyllenhaal used to make parenting mistakes all the time.

The 'White House Down' actress has daughter Ramona, six and 14-month-old Gloria Ray with husband Peter Sarsgaard and while she admits she isn't perfect, she says she now makes much less mistakes than she used to when she first became a mother.

She told People: ''When my first daughter was born, I remember going out without a diaper and she had pooped all over herself. I had nothing to change her into, nothing to clean her with. I don't know why no one told me I would need a diaper bag.

''I feel like having things thought through actually let's you be a much more relaxed and cool mother.

''I have learned to have things together, and always check my bag before I leave the door.''

Maggie also baby proofed her homed, which helps her to feel more relaxed about parenthood.

She said: ''If you baby proof, you can relax. Like the kitchen area in my house. I know that if I close the bathroom door, then there is pretty much nothing that my daughter can get into that will be harmful.

''She can fall down and bump her head, but that is part of being alive and that's okay. But there is nothing around anymore that she can choke on or burn herself on. I did that so I don't have to constantly watch.''