Maggie Gyllenhaal thinks reading about herself is like going into a ''black hole''.

'The Dark Knight' star has admitted she often gets ''pulled in'' to reading stories about herself in the hope of finding something complimentary but only ends up feeling worse.

She told Stylist magazine: ''I try not to but sometimes I fall into the black hole. That's probably the truth. I try not to read anything but sometimes I just get pulled in. It's always when I'm looking for love and that's not where love comes from.''

The 36-year-old actress - who has daughters Ramona, eight, and Gloria, two, with husband Peter Sarsgaard - also admitted she feels ''proud'' when she takes to Twitter to set the record straight after feeling ''misunderstood'' in an interview.

She explained: ''I like Twitter because I sometimes feel very misunderstood by the press. You give an interview and someone will write something and you think, 'What? How did they take this away from what we spoke about?' So Twitter is the way to put things straight.''

''I like how tiny tweets have to be. It's clever; I like that form. Some of my tweets I feel proud of. Well, I think they're funny!''

However,there are some forms of social media the 'Secretary' star has yet to get to grips with.

She added: ''I've been told I'm out of date and should do Instagram but I don't know how.''