Maggie Gyllenhaal wants to banish the memory of Katie Holmes from her role in the forthcoming Batman movie - and is confident she isn't just "some generic lady in a dress". The Secretary star insists she was singled out for the role as Batman's lover Rachel Dawes in The Dark Knight - the latest installment in the Caped Crusader franchise - by director Chris Nolan, and believes she will bring a new angle to the superhero's love interest. She says, "I'm not thinking of it as a role that anyone's played before. I'm not walking into Katie Holmes' performance. I'm thinking of it as an opportunity to play somebody who's alive and smart. Chris asked me to do this because he wanted me, not because he wants some generic lady in a dress." And the actress admits she is looking forward to performing her own stunts in the film: "I'm really excited about it. I mean, it's not some silly action movie: Chris Nolan is directing, Christian Bale's starring. I'm really excited and curious about doing a couple of stunts in Batman."