Hollywood actress Maggie Gyllenhaal doesn't care how big the film is, she'll speak up if her character seems false or "boring".

The SECRETARY star recently auditioned for a "big movie", but as she experimented with the role, the director was unimpressed.

The outspoken 27-year-old explains, "I said, 'Look, neither of us is going to have a good time on this if we don't understand each other, so let's be really totally honest: I don't want to do it in this boring way. Are you interested in doing it in this other way?' And he was like: 'No.'"

Director Tony Kushner, who worked with the ballsy actress on the play HOMEBODY/KABUL, adds, "An actor like Maggie has a deep aversion to anything false. She's not intimidated by me or anyone."

14/02/2005 21:42