THE SECRETARY star Maggie Gyllenhaal is set to make her next property purchase a grand one - she's very interested in buying a 14-acre parcel of land which includes a 40-foot (21.3 meter) waterfall.

The actress, who lives in New York City, has recently been spending time looking for a new place in upstate New York, and she's fallen in love with the sprawling property, which she went to view over the weekend (16/17JUL05).

She says, "I was thinking about maybe moving upstate and I went and looked at a piece of land that had a 40-foot waterfall on it. I'm not sure (if I'll buy it).

"I have to probably be careful about what I say because last time... I said I didn't like my apartment and my landlord called me, so I'm not saying whether I'm buying it or not!"

But, if Gyllenhaal does purchase the land, she won't be able to move in immediately - because there's no house on it.

23/07/2005 01:39