Asian actress Maggie Cheung fears she doesn't fit in anywhere - because she splits her time between Hong Kong and France and has to make major behavioural adjustments moving between the two countries.

The HERO star was brought up in Britain but spent her formative years in Hong Kong, where she is martial arts movie star.

The 40-year-old lived has in Paris since she married her former husband of five years, Gallic film-maker Olivier Assayas, in 1995.

But Cheung struggles juggling the two cultures, because she's a major star in China but has to tone down her flamboyant personality in France, where she's less well-known.

She says, "I'm constantly torn, and I feel a bit like a schizophrenic sometimes and I don't like it.

"It's so extreme, the French and the Chinese, really the two most extreme people you can have in this world.

"When I get off the plane in Hong Kong, I switch the button OK, superstar, here I come, sunglasses. You behave in a certain way because people are like that and that's what they expect from you.

"Over in Paris I'm this rude person, too blunt, unsophisticated. So again I have to adjust so that people don't get offended by the way I am.

"When you're in a country you want to fit in, and that's hard when I'm never fitting in anywhere."

20/07/2005 05:47