The Danish actor plays Galen Erso, the father to Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso, in the latest film in the beloved sci-fi franchise. Riz Ahmed, Diego Luna and Forest Whitaker are also part of the all-star line-up, but unlike his co-stars, Mads wasn't put through a gruelling audition process.

“No, I got a Skype call from Gareth (Edwards, the director) offering me the role,” he shared with British newspaper Metro. “When I hung up, I suddenly wasn’t sure he had the right number. I wanted to call him back and double check because it was surreal to be a part of something you grew up with.”

Mads also bucked the trend when it came to keeping his casting secret, admitting he found it hard to keep the news to himself.

“I think I was meant to keep quiet about it but I told everyone!” he grinned.

He is better at keeping quiet about what souvenirs he lifted from set though.

“I’d have loved to have taken a Stormtrooper outfit but we weren’t meant to take anything. I got away with taking a couple of small things but I can’t tell you what. In a decade or so, it’ll be probably be safe to reveal,” he added.

Fans of Mads are used to see him playing the villain on screen, with parts like Dr. Hannibal Lecter in TV show Hannibal and Kaecilius in Doctor Strange. He straddles the lines between good and evil in the new Star Wars flick, and was gutted to not get any screen time with dark side leader Darth Vader.

“No, and I’m quite jealous of everyone who did,” he stated.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story begun hitting theatres on Wednesday (14Dec16).