Model/actress Tasha De Vasconcelos has urged celebrities not to follow Madonna and Angelina Jolie by adopting babies from Africa.

Madonna hit headlines in 2006 when she applied to adopt David Banda from an orphanage in Malawi, and she eventually welcomed the child into her family two years later (08).

Changeling star Jolie adopted her daughter Zahara in Ethiopia in 2005 - and has also taken in kids from Cambodia and Vietnam - but Africa-born de Vasconcelos has called for a halt on celebrity adoptions, insisting young children should not be taken from their native country and thrust into a Hollywood lifestyle.

De Vasconcelos, a humanitarian ambassador for the European Union whose family fled Mozambique and war-torn Rhodesia when she was a child, tells Sky News, "I am very concerned about the work on the ground... I am just concerned that we respect the traditions of the chiefs and of the country and that we help the children in the country and not take them out into a Hollywood lifestyle."