Pop superstar Madonna took guitar lessons so she could play The Sound Of Music to her children LOURDES and ROCCO. The MATERIAL GIRL visited London guitar teacher BOBBY TIDER three times a week for four months in 2001, and was soon out-strumming her film-maker husband Guy Ritchie. Tider says, "I got a call from Guy. I didn't know who he was, just some rich dude. I used to go to his flat and I was sitting there one day when Madonna came in. She asked me to give her lessons too. "Because I had been charging Guy GBP30-per-hour I had to charge Madonna the same - she was used to paying GBP60. "I taught Madonna the scales. She wanted to learn The Sound Of Music for her kids. She also wanted to play early DAVID BOWIE songs. "She was very good and worked very hard. You have to put in the hours. Guy was slow but Madonna was a good pupil."