Following in the footsteps of Madonna, Nicole Kidman and GYWNETH PALTROW, sexy actor Christian Slater is the latest Hollywood star to fall in love with England.

Slater is working in London at the moment while he films his new comedy CHURCHILL: THE HOLLYWOOD YEARS.

And he can't stop raving about the delights of the British capital.

He says, "I'm loving London. I've been taken on a pub crawl around some great East End pubs by one of the crew who lives there. I've been introduced to jellied eels and pie and mash and, man, it's delicious. Much tastier than our hamburgers.

"I also love your dog track, that was a blast but hey, English women! I've dated a few in my time but when it comes to cuteness you can't beat the English women.

"The English Rose smells sweetest of all."