LATEST: Madonna faces opposition from a group of civil rights lawyers in Malawi who are fighting to block her adoption of two-year-old tot DAVID BANDA.
Activists in the country are demanding a change in the law to prevent foreign adoptions, fearing Madonna's case could open the floodgates and encourage Westerners to flock there in search of prospective adoptive children.
The adoption of baby David sparked global controversy, with many children's rights groups accusing the star of taking advantage of the poor nation.
Madonna and her director husband Guy Ritchie filed a motion at Malawi's High Court to delay the couple's forthcoming adoption hearing until the end of April (08), because it clashed with the singer's promotional duties for hew new album Hard Candy.
The Hollywood stars appear to have won over Malawian officials with their parenting skills and a judge is expected to formally approve the adoption during the next court date.
But a group of civil rights lawyers are determined to fight the court's decision.
Lawyer Justin Dzonzi says, "We have a number of preliminary issues which need to be resolved before the adoption can go ahead."
The couple brought David back to Britain from Malawi in 2006 and have been fighting to keep custody of him ever since.