Madonna and her family are struggling to communicate at home - because they speak in a variety of languages. The Like A Virgin singer and her film director husband Guy Ritchie have been taking lessons in the native tongue of their adopted Malawian son David Banda, while Madonna's daughter Lourdes is picking up a firm grasp of the French dialect at the Lycee Francais school she attends in London. Consequently, a mixture of French, English and Chichewa words are spoken throughout the day at their Wiltshire, England family home. Madonna uses the Chichewa words she's picked up - including mummy, daddy, hello and my love - as much as possible with David and sings him a traditional Malawian lullaby called Gona Mana. A source tells The Sun newspaper, "David constantly wants his mum to hold him, asks for kisses, smiles and seems extremely attached to Madonna. She is completely ga-ga (crazy) over him."