Madonna 's latest album Mdna has received a mixed response from music critics, with some describing it as a triumphant comeback, and others considering it yet another example of the Queen of Pop's desperate attempts to clutch onto the throne, while heir Lady GaGa lies in wait.
Despite the polarizing views, most critics agree that the record is awash with solid dance-floor fillers, with Billboard's Keith Caulfield calling it, "a collection of thoroughly pumping pop tunes, some of which are slices of sheer brilliance", praising tracks such as "Gang Bang" in particular. During a recent web chat with Jimmy Kimmel, Madonna spoke of her desire to have Quentin Tarantino direct the video for the song. The Golden-Globe winning song 'Masterpiece' (from the soundtrack of the singer's film W.E) also stood out with critics. There's also plenty of personal references spread across Mdna too, with 'I Don't Give A', featuring rapper Nicki Minaj, generally considered to be an allusion to Madonna's ex-husband Guy Ritchie. The Guardian's Alexis Petridis commented, "What's striking isn't that Madonna is still with much as where she still is: a commanding presence at the absolute center of pop, as capricious and changeable a genre as music has to offer", though the New York magazine were less complimentary, saying, "a lot of the music here feels hollow and strained...There is much expensive workmanship and machine-tooling around here, but not much...Madonna".
The most scathing of the reception came from Drowned in Sound, who argued that the singer had actually toned down her act, saying, "It's Madonna's conservatism that drags her latest record down to the status of a ragtag collection".