Madonna knew she had to make her new album with British producer Stuart Price after she fell in love with his professional persona when they worked on a few songs together in his London loft studio.

The HUNG UP hitmaker went back to work with long-time collaborator MIRWAIS, who produced her American Life and MUSIC LPs, but she realised she connected much better with 28-year-old Price.

And she has no regrets about cutting CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR with Price because they have produced the perfect pop/dance crossover album.

She says, "I tried to do some other stuff with Mirwais but it didn't resonate. I always kept wanting to run back to Stuart's studio.

"You meet somebody, and you're already going out with somebody else, so you say 'Hi' and you have this fantastic date with them, and when you go back to this other person you're with all you can think about is that new person.

"I couldn't stop thinking about how fun it was to work with Stuart. It took me a minute to decide which boyfriend I wanted to leave."