Pop superstar Madonna will swap the flamboyant shows she is famed for in favour of more intimate club venues, when she promotes new album CONFESSIONS ON A DANCEFLOOR this summer (06).

The iconic singer hopes the downsized gigs will allow her more interaction with fans, as well as compliment the feel of her latest hits.

Creative director JAMIE KING says, "A typical Madonna show is quite produced. She likes things large, she likes things theatrical.

"But this time, being that (Confessions on a Dance Floor) is an intimate album, we want to try to make people have an intimate experience as well as a big produced theatrical experience.

"So look for us doing some small venues, some smaller venues.

"I would like to put her as close to her people - her fans, her dancers, her fellow supporters - as possible."

And King promises the new-look show won't neglect Madonna's catalogue of classic tracks, despite its emphasis on her latest LP.

She adds, "I love old Madonna songs - I don't know one person who doesn't.

"But we want to focus mainly on this album. I think people love it and they want to hear it, so expect a lot of the songs from Confessions on a Dance Floor."