The artist who illustrated Madonna's children's books was brutally beaten by three men in New York City in the early hours of Sunday morning (19FEB06).

Jeffrey Fulvimari, who worked on The English Roses, was pounced on shortly after leaving the nightclub Crobar and was later rushed to St Vincent's Hospital with multiple skull fractures and a badly damaged eye socket.

He tells the New York Daily News, "I don't even remember anyone attacking me.

"All of the sudden I was down, then people were asking me questions and I was being put in an ambulance.

"I'm lucky I don't have brain damage or hearing damage."

The attack took place at a carpark where Fulvimari was collecting a vehicle with his friend Ricardo Paredes.

Paredes, who suffered a dislocated shoulder when he intervened, recalls, "I think these guys thought we were cutting them in line.

"I went to get in the car, and when I turned around I saw three big guys beating Jeffrey up really bad. I went and said, 'Stop! Stop!' and they just took me over right away and they beat me up. It happened so fast."