Madonna's brother has blamed the singer's split from husband Guy Ritchie on her devotion to Kabbalah.
Christopher Ciccone - who recently penned tell-all book Life With My Sister Madonna - also ruled out a reconciliation.
He tells German newspaper Bild, "The Kabbalah sect, to which Madonna is completely devoted, played a large role in this marriage. It was based on it. And that is not enough on which to base a marriage. It couldn't have survived.
"As for a reconciliation, I really don't think so. With two such ambitious and headstrong personalities, it would just be too hard."
Last week (ends17Oct08), Ciccone blamed his sister's tough attitude on the marriage failure, stating, "She's not the kind of person you sit down and have a face-to-face conversation with," adding, "You don't get to where she is and stay there for 20 years by being sweet."