Madonna is set for one big birthday surprise when she turns 50 on Saturday (16Aug08) - her daughter LOURDES is the re-incarnated EVA PERON.
Top Hollywood psychic Kenny Kingston held a seance to honour the pop superstar's big birthday earlier this week (beg11Aug08), and invited spirits to pay tribute to her.
He was stunned when Argentina's former leader Juan Peron stepped forward to wish the star who had played his wife in Evita all the best.
And Peron also had eerie news for the Material Girl.
Kingston explains, "Peron said that by now hopefully Madonna has realised that her daughter Lourdes is a reincarnated Evita Peron.
"It seems that Madonna spent so much time at Evita's grave, doing research for her film role as Evita that Evita herself took over Madonna's body during filming.
"Those among us who are sensitive to this kind of thing can actually see Eva Peron going into Madonna's body when she sings Don't Cry For Me Argentina in the balcony scene. Evita chose Madonna as a mother figure - and became Lourdes.
"Madonna fell pregnant with Lourdes while she was making the film."
And Kingston claims the late Juan Peron feels sure Madonna's daughter will become a great politician.
As for Madonna herself, the revered psychic insists the pop star is destined for a big career change in the next 10 years of her life.
Kingston adds, "Writing, producing and directing will be the best career path for Madonna in the future. She'll succeed with this."