Madonna reportedly lost her temper on the film set of Britney Spears' new music video and hit out at director Paul Hunter.

The MATERIAL GIRL, who provides guest vocals on the track ME AGAINST THE MUSIC and stars alongside Britney in the promo, flew into a rage after discovering her costume didn't fit and vented her spleen at Hunter - who is fresh from filming Madonna and Missy Elliott in the new GAP commercial.

A source says, "In the beginning it was tough because Madonna was upset about her outfit. She got upset with Paul."

However, a spokesperson for the singer denies rumours of a rift, insisting, "I didn't see that happening. If her clothes didn't fit, she wouldn't be talking to the director anyway, she'd be talking to the stylist."

In the video, Britney and Madonna are mirror-images of each other playing cat-and-mouse in a nightclub.

14/10/2003 17:04